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Susan an inspiring and dynamic speaker has a gripping combination of passion, humour and profound honesty.


During her thirties, Susan lost her house, her business, her sister, her father, had a miscarriage, her mother almost died from an aneurism, her youngest child was diagnosed with autism and she almost lost someone she loved to depression.


Although she was financially and emotionally bankrupt, Susan let these heartaches hold her up instead of drag her down. She shares with audiences how to search through the rubble of despair and find hope and happiness.







Letting Go When You’re Barely Hanging On


•    Discover how to move on from heartache to healing.

•    Uncover your inner strength even when your outside world is falling apart.

•    Gain insight into the baggage that is holding you back.

•    Learn the ultimate truth about success … in order to gain -- you must lose.


Get Over Yourself - Now Get Into Yourself


•    Discover why you are the biggest obstacle preventing you from achieving you dreams.

•    Learn how to get out of your own way.

•    Understand why you need to stop worrying about all that you are not and learn to embrace all that you are.

•    Learn how finding your self sometimes means losing someone else.


Shifting the Blame; Shouldering the Shame


•    Understand how the past that didn’t break you - shaped you.

•    Put down the badge of “Victim” and even “Survivor”

     and start wearing the look of a “Thriver”.

•    Learn to stop wearing your heartaches on your sleeve


The Power of the “F” Word


•    Discover what “F” words are really the most powerful and could change your life.



Susan is a truly gifted speaker who takes you on a journey of laughter, while giving messages of hope and inspiration.  -                                             Mike Proudlock , International Speech Contest Chair


Susan’s speeches appeal to me, not only because of the content but especially because of the way she communicates to her audience – articulate, intelligent, with the perfect mix of spontaneity, humour, emotion and intellect.  -  Brigitte Li, Business Intelligence Analyst


Susan delivered her speech with energy and passion that was truly infectious.  She captivated her audience the minute she walked on stage and had their full attention as she effortlessly took them on a journey to a new destination. - Fely Ragudo, PMP, MBA, Nissan Canada Inc.


Susan has that special something that cannot be taught – she can touch your heart and tickle your funny bone all in the same breath.  Her ability to face towards the light during the darkest of times is a remarkable gift and one that inspires her audience to believe they can do the same.  -  athleen Fillmore, President Speakers Gold


Please afford Susan Lamb every consideration when selecting your next motivational speaker for your event!  Your audience will thank you!  -   James Erdt --, Fitness STAR Model Search Founder / President


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