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From the STAGE to the PAGE: Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies


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"Just what the doctor ordered, a chance to laugh and learn how to handle stress. An enjoyable read that will delight and entertain you."

— Robert G. Allan, Author


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Leaving A Legacy


A Guide to Writing a Book of Your Own


Here is the information to help you get your book written and ready to publish.


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Master of Ceremonies


This workbook will help you to organize and facilitate a powerful, successful event.


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From the Hairdresser's Chair


The book is a collection of true stories to inspire and captivate. It's based on the stories Karen's  heard over her 40 years of  hairdressing .You'll love laugh and learn from this touching collection. Standing behind the hairdressers chair Karen has experienced life and its challenges through the eyes and words of her many clients. This is book you will read over and over again and one you would want to share with a friend. The book is available at Amazon.ca and there's also a Kindle version.


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The cartoons on the ceramic mug summarize the collaboration process. When you sit down to collaborate/negotiate with a difficult person, do it over a cup of coffee so you can stay on the right track by following the negotiation steps represented by the cartoons on the mug.

Each mug costs $8.99, plus packaging and shipping fees.  A discount is available for those who place a large order.

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The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away

Description :  Young Maddison Babineau was given a wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation shortly after her cancer diagnosis, and she used it to make the world a better place. What she did with it delighted and inspired those in her community and a small village half-a-world away. This is the true story of Maddison Babineau, told by her mother and best friend   Sharon Babineau    A powerful story of how one person can change the world.  A must read!

Contact    Sharon@mindbreak.ca

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Embrace Your Authentic Self



Description : Brings you the stories of 26 extraordinary women who have removed their false masks , stepped past the labels that once defined them and reconnected with their personal power.   Sharon Babineau  -Contributing Author $15.00 Contact sharon@mindbreak.ca for your copy today


Chicken Soup for the Soul – Family Caregivers



Description :  101 stories of Love, Sacrifice and Bonding. You’ll be inspired and feel appreciated as you read these personal glimpses into the lives of other family caregivers. Sharon Babineau - Contributing Author

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Days of Christmas. For me, these are the Twelve Stories of Christmas. Some were new, many activated the tear ducts, all have an enduring lesson.”



“This is not your regular collection of Christmas

stories.... These classics delve into the mystery hidden beneath the celebration–the struggle between disinterest and love, between self-absorption and sacrifice.” –Debra Duprey (author of February Farm and One of Many Perfect Christmas Stories)



$19.95 e-mail murray@speakingtoinspire.com


This book takes the title of its first piece, a short story which has become Murray’s most popular and hearttouching presentation.


“An incredibly inspiring speech!!!”

–(Governor) Michael Wilson, Toastmasters Speech and Evaluation Contest, 2014

“Such simple words, yet a powerful story and

delivery. There were tears in my eyes.”

–listener at Keynote Speakers Club, UHN, Toronto “This is the kind of story that makes you want to be a better person.”

–Melanie Dunford-Elliott (ME Originals)


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Under stress at work, my daughter e-mailed me asking “How can I simplify my life?” This is my answer. (I don’t usually write long e-mails!)



How to handle “the noisy confusion of life” by

obeying the gentle unerring Voice inside. It quotes mystics in Anglican, Quaker, and Roman Catholic traditions.



$19.95 e-mail murray@speakingtoinspire.com


Daily Wisdom and Serenity:

Quotations for Mind and Soul


“I read it in one sitting–loved the quotes. I would like to pass it along to my Aunt Floss. She is 96 and the member of a really active church in Brantford. I am going to suggest they have you come and speak.”

Judy Suke (Triangle Seminars), Motivational Humorist, Manuscript Developer and Author, College Professor



Email murray@speakingtoinspire.com


Want to Renovate Your Life? Recollections and Reflections


“Murray, I want to compliment you. I’ve been battling a medical problem, have to go into hospital tomorrow... and I haven’t been able to put your book down.” Les Groves (1916-2007), Peterborough (‘Mr. Hardware’ and Industry Hall of Fame inductee)




Email: murray@speakingtoinspire.com


Words from the Bible When You Hurt: A Trilogy


“When I read your book, I feel like I’m sitting in church listening to a comforting sermon.” Reta Fleming (Fisherville), former teaching colleague and wife of a United Church minister




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Smiles, Wisdom and Encouragement: Quotations with Personal Commentary to Lift Your Life

Encouraging, wise, and humorous words from Aristotle and Anonymous (Murray’s favourite) to Zig Ziglar and Zoroaster. These 208 pages will tickle your funny-bone, tease your brain, and touch your heart.

“I’d like a copy of this book – anything to help the Universe.” –Alvin Pettle, MD FRCS C, Ruth Pettle Wellness Centre, Toronto

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If Only Sleep Would Last Forever!

Help for Depression and Anxiety from One Who’s Been There

The content of this 124-page book is as simple as ABC backwards:

C lear the deck of guilt.

B egin now.

A ct toward others as if you were the others.

“Whenever I read your books, I feel like I’m in church listening to a comforting sermon.” –Reta Fleming, former teaching colleague and wife of a United Church minister, Port Dover

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$15 plus packaging and shipping



GPS Your Best Life


Whether you’re trying to determine what you really want in life, to clarify your goals, or how to get where you want, GPS Your Best Life will help you map your destination and put you on the road to personal fulfillment, happiness, and success.


Ken Kragen, organizer of Hands Across America and We are the World says that GPS Your Best Life “is a perfect guidebook and repair manual for servicing your most important vehicle- yourself. No matter where you are in life, the concepts and direction provided in this book will help you get to a better place. It’s a must read!”


Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, www.charmainehammond.com


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