Steve Wood, DTM   Professional

Speaker, Coach


Delivering Effective Presentations


After receiving his engineering degree, Steve left England and made Toronto, Canada his new home. That was more than 30 years ago. Throughout the years he has gathered a wealth of experience working in various industries and has held roles in sales, machine design, process design, customer service, training and management.


Steve is an award winning, high energy speaker and has given workshops in the US and Canada. He entertains his audiences and has a knack for helping others achieve their goals.


Steve uses easy humour in his speeches and makes every topic enjoyable, memorable, and entertaining.


Steve’s solid reputation as a leader makes him a natural choice as a mentor and source of advice.


Some of Steve’s Popular Sessions:


Leadership is a Lifestyle – Leadership isn’t just for business people.  It’s for anyone who wants to control and direct their own life.  Learn how to use the correct leadership techniques to propel you towards your goals. You can lead so others will want to follow.


Success Through Customer Service – We all have customers and our success in life depends on how we respond to their needs.  Learn who your customers are and how to determine and satisfy their needs.


Goals That Get You Going – Goals don’t need to be grandiose to work; they just need to be the correct goals for you – right now.  Learn how to set goals that motivate you to overcome obstacles and achieve what you desire.


Six Simple Secrets – Every time we speak to someone, it’s a presentation; an effective presenter is an effective communicator.  Learn the six simple secrets of effective communication.


What People Are Saying:


….Steve, suffice it to say, you have a gift — the gift to inspire, to motivate, to entertain and to empower, without manipulating.             Reza Alavie, Acting Director, Seneca Industry Innovation


….Your contribution was invaluable to the success of our training. – Nancy Hogue, Training Supervisor York Region.




Steve Wood …… Contact information    416-666-8781


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