Murray C. Watson


Professional Inspirational Speaker


Murray is a retired teacher, author of eight books, and an award-winning inspirational speaker. He

uses humour and story-telling to share smiles, wisdom and encouragement. Spending the first weeks of his life in SickKids Hospital with digestive problems, along later with sleep apnea and short-term memory loss (following drug treatment for depression in 1993 in a Toronto hospital) failed to cure him of his childhood dream–to stand up and motivate audiences. Now he steers around dairy, food additives–and most restaurants!




Finding Serenity Avenue:    To illustrate the path out of anxiety, he uses the acronym WELCOME. Walk, Express yourself, Love your neighbour as you; Confess wrong to your victims; Offer forgiveness; Make smiles; Eye others.


The Wheelbarrow:   This touching short story has earned both writing and speaking awards. It’s the story of how a child surprisingly helps an adult turn over his life. Audience reaction often includes tears. On a meeting agenda, this speech requires only ten minutes. Short presentation, lasting effect.


Pills, Skills, or the Will? (Down with Depression):    Covers drugs, talk therapy, and lifestyle (what he calls the Will.) Low mood accompanies low serotonin in the brain, but does low serotonin cause low mood? Or does low mood cause low serotonin? The anti-depressant lifestyle approach can be added to any treatment model. And no side-effects!




The Wheelbarrow; Simplify Life; Christmas Stories to Warm the Heart; Want to Renovate Your Life?;

Words from the Bible When You Hurt; Daily Wisdom and Serenity; If Only Sleep Would Last Forever!

Help for Depression and Anxiety; Smiles, Wisdom and Encouragement: Quotations with Personal

Commentary to Lift Your Life


OTHER PRODUCTS 2 CDs   (7 speeches each) The Pick-Me-Up Table Mat Humorous Posters




“An incredibly inspiring speech!! You have a way of mesmerizing the audience with your voice.”

–(Governor) Michael Wilson, Toastmasters International Area Speech and Evaluation Contest

“You are an amazing speaker [she may have been over-doing it!] and I took away some great points

that have stuck with me today. Thank you for your healing message.”

–Bren Koger, Women’s Empowerment Conference, Woodbridge


“Such simple words, yet a powerful message, there were tears in my eyes”

–listener at Keynote Speakers Club, General Hospital/UHN, Toronto


“I loved your speech. It was really eye-opening and helpful. I have heard many speeches related to

depression, but this one was different. I felt connected. I am being very honest.”

--Saba, gr. 9 student, Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, Toronto


“I read Daily Wisdom and Serenity in one sitting–loved the quotes. I would like to pass it along to

my Aunt Floss. She is 96 and the member or a really active church in Brantford. I am going to

suggest they have you come and speak.”

–Judy Suke (Triangle Seminars), Motivational Humorist, Manuscript Developer, Author, College





Author-Speaker Murray Watson will speak anywhere–anywhere smiles, wisdom and

encouragement are required      705 778 1203

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