Michael Johnson



 EFT and NLP Trainer/Coach; College Professor, Hypnotist, Corporate Trainer; Professional Speaker, Videographer


Michael Johnson is an expert EFT and NLP Trainer and Coach, he teaches and provides life improvement through hypnosis, and has a passion for helping people to realize their full potential through his seminars, workshops and articles.


Over the last 20 years he has built a reputation for being informative, inspiring, and memorable. A man who chooses his words carefully and wisely, he teaches others to be confident, concise, and capable communicators.


A true believer that our reality is driven by our ability to, “sew the seeds of thought in the gardens of our mind”, he teaches his audiences to create the visions of a powerful future.



Favorite Keynote and Workshop Topics Include:


Magically Change Your Thoughts: Change the way you think and the way your life is going will change. Learn how to turn your thoughts into better thoughts and beliefs that will create positive habits; and these will drive you towards a successful future. In a moment of time,



Mike can and will help you to magically change your thoughts


 The Wizard Within: Learn a powerful tool, self-hypnosis, that you can use to reach within you to build the life you want. You can use self-hypnosis to access the resources of personal strength, individual creativity, and inner power to overcome adversity, handle difficult situations and create unimaginable control. You will be able to achieve greatness  beyond what you thought yourself capable of. Like the wizard, you will respond with clarity of thought, focused attention, and powerful intentions.


TAP TAP TAP: Get rid of the emotional responses that are crippling you today. Whether the stress is being caused by a health issue, physical issue or mental problem, you can trace the source and remove it to move forward with ease. The Emotional, Freedom Technique, EFT, uses a form of acupressure (tapping on meridians), to balance your energies and remove the old automatic addictive response.  You may be skeptical, come and see for yourself. Tap, Tap, Tap the troubles away.


Strategic Thinking: Teach your mind to think quickly, coherently, and strategically. Through the use of such techniques as mind-mapping, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), and various other exercises, Mike will show you and your team, how to succeed in getting their point across; saying what they mean, and meaning what they say.


Other Titles Include:


Echoes in the Mind; Mental Strategies; Change Your Mind; Create the Life You Want, Internet for Business, Social Media for Business.





What People are Saying:


“Mike is a hard working individual whose dedication to the art and craft of public speaking is unparalleled.  He has exceptional abilities in leadership. His ideas are innovative and they push the realm of the norm. He has helped to shape the fervency, passion and success of many individuals.”


- Ray Arsenault President Free Trade Zone Toastmasters Club, Shenzhen, China



Michael Johnson  (905) 826-7434        michael@michaeljohnson.ca            www.triangleseminars.com


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