Karin Vagiste


Inspirational Speaker, Seminar Leader,

Best Selling Author, and

Award-Winning Mediator


Let your conflict mark the beginning of positive change!


Business is waking up to the cost of conflict induced stress. Unresolved workplace disputes lead to low morale, absenteeism, poor productivity, and stress leaves, which often result in employee turnover. Karin’s professional training and experience in mediation will enable you to learn how to turn conflict into a productive, positive experience.


Karin was granted the International Award of Excellence for her Peace Building Strategies as a Mediator. She also received the National Award of Excellence in Education for her programs from AMTEC, (Association of Media and Technology in Educational Communications).  Her Book “SETTLE IT!” is available in a number of translations other than English. She has a B. ED, Hon. B. of FA and C. DR. She studied Mediation in three different countries, so she brings an international perspective to resolving conflicts in our multicultural world. Karin is regularly interviewed by national American and Canadian TV and Radio shows.


Karin’s strong speaking focus is on the core idea that your conflicts can mark the starting point of positive change. Her mediation principles apply to resolving conflicts anywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom. Employees can arrive at work, having just walked out of a nasty fight at home, so that stress compromises their ability to think clearly at work. The cartoons shown during her talks provide a visual summary of the key learning points. These cartoons are available on mugs, so that people can easily see and follow the conflict resolution steps as they sit down to resolve a conflict over a cup of coffee. Karin jokes that her passion for peace is in her Swedish genes! Some of her free time goes to volunteering at the Distress Centre.






The stress of feeling worry, anxiety, or frustration will rob you of energy, so come and be re-energized! Refuel your personal 'tank' by firing up new neural connections. Conflict-driven stress depletes our energy tank very quickly, because anxiety and frustration linger, burning up our precious energy, just like an idling car burns up gas. Karin Vagiste will share her award-winning, peace-building strategies, so that your conflict will become a catalyst for positive change - such positive change refuels your energy tank. Her inspirational cartoons provide a memorable, visual summary of the peace-building strategies.



Everyone deserves to live a happier life! Happier people are more resilient when faced with a stressful issue; they bounce back from it faster. Happier people also have extra energy to put into creative problem-solving. A happier person is healthier. Your emotions are neuropeptides that connect with the cells in your body; they can work for you or against you. During this presentation, every audience member will create four customized modules from a template that will become their Action Plan for Happiness.



A person who is emotionally fit is able to address the TRIGGERS of their stress successfully. Karin takes you below the surface issues of any conflict to understand the underlying unmet needs that fuel frustration and anger. An exploration of the science of anger is a real eye-opener. The audience will be involved with some fun, interactive games which will provide an insight into their beliefs about conflict. Everyone will learn what their personal style of reacting to a conflict is. The art of collaboration is demystified; the audience will leave inspired to turn their conflict into a catalyst for positive change. Such change will strengthen a person's competitive edge.



You CAN prevent the release to those nasty little stress hormones that hurt our heart. We are all social animals, so a key-driver of stress is interpersonal misunderstandings that spiral into conflicts and before you know it you have a stressful fight going on and on and on! Emotional stress is clearly linked to behaviours that put the heart at risk. Karin makes a compelling case for being proactive with your health,....and what is more precious that your heart health? So, let’s disconnect your hot buttons!




“Karin inspired us with her motivational, charismatic speaking style at our National Conference in Vancouver. She ‘WOWed’ the audience with a brief, highly dramatic comedy act which illustrated her concept of the emotional spin cycle. Her memorable cartoons provided a great visual summary of her INNOVATIVE ideas.” Kathleen Cleland Moyer, Executive Director, Conflict Resolution Network


“We were thrilled to have Karin conduct four seminars for guidance counsellors on emotional stress management. Her presentations were inspiring and highly informative. We look forward to future opportunities to utilize Karin’s in-depth knowledge of stress reduction strategies.” - Roula Anastasako, Superintendent, Toronto District School Board


“Karin Vagiste led an eight week Kokoro Program here. Participants left with a lower stress score and were highly motivated to carry on with their self-management skills in order to maintain their healthier stress levels. Karin’s teaching and facilitation style created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It was a pleasure to work with an innovative spirit like Karin, and more importantly, she genuinely cares about helping people whose heart health has been compromised.” - Almerinda Rebelo, Executive Director, The Four Villages Health Centre


“Karin is a high-energy, compassionate and passionate professional speaker/educator.  She educates and facilitates groups with great ease. Karin’s mediation skills are also used to resolve disputes with teachers, students and managerial staff at the Board level. Her strong focus, commitment and thorough knowledge of mediation are highly valued. Above all, Karin’s innovative spirit is what sets her apart.” – Silvio Tallevi, Vice-Principal, C. W. Jefferys


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