Jennifer Jimbere B.A., CMP, CPC, HRM


Inspiring individuals, teams and organizations to break through and maximize performance.


In her own creative and enthusiastic way, Jennifer Jimbere uses in depth subject matter expertise along with personal and professional experiences to challenge and support her workshop participants to move forward with lasting change. Working with you and your team, as your partner in possibility, she will help you to create a world in which everyone’s unique signature strengths are known and then leveraged to achieve the most efficient business results. Then you will also DiSCover how to improve your team's communication, dynamics and leadership style(s). Supporting you to build an agile organization with a fully engaged and empowered workforce that outperforms your competition.


Jennifer is a member of International Coaching Federation Toronto chapter, Canadian Standards of Training and Development and Canadian Positive Psychology Association. She is the President of Jimbere Coaching and Consulting.


 Offering 6 Workshop Topics:


The Coaching Clinic provides a day-and-a-half of self-reflected learning and experiential-based workshop with peers. This is a licensed clinic, facilitated by a certified professional coach, the material is paradigm shifting and will increase your competencies to adopt a coach approach and maximize the performance of your organization.


Third Alternative Thinking provides a half day self-reflected learning, experiential based workshop with peers. The workshop provides you with cutting edge techniques and competencies to synergize with others and create more positive outcomes while improving listening, discovery questioning, and leadership skills.


5 Consequences for Self-Doubt and the Strategies to Overcome them


It’s completely natural to experience moments of fear and uncertainty at work, but if you’re consistently struggling to turn your thoughts into actions then your lack of confidence is probably impacting your career and your well being. This is a full day self-reflected learning, experiential based workshop with peers. The workshop provides you with cutting edge techniques and competencies to maximize the performance of your individual efforts.


DiSCovering Yourself and Others


This is a day and a half self-reflected learning and interactive workshop with peers. The workshop is lead by an Extended DiSC trainer who is also a Change Management Practitioner.  Providing you with cutting edge techniques and competencies to increase your self awareness and improve your ability to relate and communicate with others. A great solution for leadership development, improving team dynamics and increasing your ability to relate with others and move through change with awareness.


Using Courage in Critical Conversations is a half day self-reflected learning, fast -paced workshop with peers. As a result of attending the workshop participants will gain the information they need and learn how to:

-    Embrace high stakes conversations

-    Identify how to make it safe to talk about almost anything

-    Improve their ability to persuade and influence others around them


Flourish Authentically with a Positive Financial Future is a full day facilitated workshop to invoke self-reflection and awareness around credit, how to best partner with a financial advisor and how to prepare your family for Estate Planning conversations. The workshop provides you with insider information and answers to your financial questions from a professional coach that has 16 years in the financial services industry.




What People Are Saying:


She is smart, solution oriented and open to new ideas, these characteristics make her easily approachable; you feel safe and you know that you will be heard. Anyone who works with Jennifer is fortunate to have had the experience.”


~ Michelle Kay-Scott


Senior Product Manager: Edward Jones, Mississauga, Canada




Jennifer is passionate and knowledgeable. She uses exceptional awareness questions and silence powerfully. By being a client of hers, I was able to hone my own skills and pay it forward to others. Her skills are a winning combination and I would highly recommend her.


~ Erika Kaneza


Coach, Mediator, Trainer Dare Authenticity, Brussels, Belgium




Jennifer is an engaging and inspiring trainer who challenges her learners while encouraging them to feel comfortable in her classroom.


~ Cheryl Bucknor


Training Operations Supervisor, LGM Financial Services Inc, Oakville, Canada




The AHA moment for me was learning about the Discovery Questions and the value they can bring within a conversation with an associate. This tool really helped by providing me with options on how to frame a discussion in order to assist an associate discover solutions. Plus the real benefit is in how they will approach the next situation with a slightly different approach in order to discover on their own. And that represents a valuable conversation for both of us.”


~ Steve Singer


Team Leader Branch Associate Training & Development, Edward Jones Etobicoke, Canada




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Tel: 519-539-5522






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