Your Next Step to Possibility

 Charmaine Grace



 Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Coach, and Volunteer, Charmaine Grace ignites sparks of hope and possibility in the hearts and minds of her audiences and clients.  Using charm and grace, she delivers interactive, entertaining and memorable keynotes, workshops, facilitations, emceeing, and coaching. Allow Charmaine to grace your next event with her charm, humour, inspiration and wisdom as she inspires all to take their Next Step to Possibility.



Topic samples:


Super Hero – YOU! This motivational keynote inspires people to recognize the strengths and abilities they have that will enable them to take their Next Step to Possibility.


 Live Your Passions: Your first step to a more passionate life is to get clear on what is important to you. Discover the three elements necessary to create whatever you want; the secret that will guarantee you a passionate life; and the prerequisite to living a passionate life. Living your passions is your next step!


 Dare to Dream Again: Do you have a dream – or have you stopped dreaming? Realize the value and importance of allowing yourself to dream. Dreaming give us direction, motivation to take action and adds passion and zest to our lives. Learn to clarify what you want, stop the dream blockers and Dare to Dream – Again!


 Your Next Step to Possibility: Where will you end up if you don’t take it? Keynote and training seminars that help you work through inner blocks, let go of negative self-talk and grow more confident as you begin to take steps toward a life you love.


 Problem Solving and Brainstorming: Solving problems is a critical skill.  In this 3 hour workshop, learn how brainstorming can find viable solutions and help you create strategic plans to solve the problems in your organization.


 Speak with Confidence:  Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills enable you to speak with confidence to any size group. Charmaine will help you clarify your message; handle your nervousness; and deliver your message with confidence, grace and charm. (Seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching are available.)




Your Next Step workshop changed my life.                                                                                      Participant, (a year later)


Charmaine's warmth and her informal, interactive and entertaining style made for an enjoyable evening where we all learned a great deal in a short span of time. Charmaine Grace is a true professional and I highly recommend her. (Speaker to Trainer)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prakash K.


Her coaching transformed me into someone confident to give a polished speech in front of 300 people...and live to tell the tale. (Presentation Skills)


                                                 Irma B. - Life Coach


Very informative; Extremely entertaining; Humorous; Excellent presentation; Would totally recommend again.  (Your Next Step)


Bethlehem Place


Charmaine has given me a flashlight, allowing me to begin finding my passion in my dark room. (Passion Test)              Wayne B.


Going to Charmaine Grace as a speaking coach was the best money I ever spent.  It brought me to a new level as a speaker.


   John Rich, Professional Speaker, N’Riched Programs



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