Anthony Lindan - Speaker,

Team Builder and

Corporate Magician


Anthony Lindan’s unique communications expertise has been honed over his 25-year career as a professional magician performing at sales, marketing and corporate events across North America.


Lindan’s team building workshops and keynote presentations share practical tips about tapping into your inner magic, maximizing your personal impact and communicating more confidently and effectively.


Anthony is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Canadian Society for Training and Development.




Keynote Presentation


The Magic of Personal Impact: Secrets to Connect, Engage & Get Results


Personal impact is about developing relationships and leveraging face-to-face interactions to minimize resistance, encourage buy-in and collaboratively achieve results. From the front line trenches to the boardroom, these opportunities are realized by personal impact - the ability to influence people, situations and decisions. Developing a powerful personal impact is no longer a "nice to have" soft skill. It's now a requirement for professional and personal success.


In this fun and entertaining keynote, you will learn that every face-to-face interaction is an opportunity to strengthen relationships, build trust and demonstrate integrity. Anthony reveals how to communicate more persuasively and influence how people feel think and act.  Anthony uses performance magic and interactive exercises to demonstrate his Command The Stage™ approach to face-to-face communications.




Team Building Workshop


The Magic of Collaboration Team Building Workshop


Corporate magician Anthony Lindan has developed a fun, interactive and motivational learning workshop experience. Participants, working in small groups, learn and perform a variety of amazing magic tricks.


Using magic as an entertaining, non-threatening and non-physically challenging medium, participants learn both 'how' and 'why' the tricks work, develop a real-world presentation for their trick and learn how to present their trick with impact.


Drawing on over twenty years of experience, Anthony Lindan reveals the REAL secrets of collaboration, influence & persuasion and commanding the stage!


Learning outcomes include:


The three C’s of team building - commonality, competencies and commitment.

The Magician’s Proactive Mindset - how to think and perform like a magician.

M-A-G-I-C - a practical five-step process to maximize personal impact.

How to perform some amazing magic tricks!


Corporate Entertainment


The Magic In Mind Stage Magic Show


Be prepared to on your mind the unexplainable as Anthony leads you on a comical journey into the impossible. The only thing more amazing than the magic is the laughter!


This fast passed, interactive show features:


Comical feats sleight of mind magic

Amazing displays of sleight of hand magic

Lots of audience participation – your people are the STAR of the show!


Best suited for groups under 300 people. Idea for conferences/conventions, sales meetings, staff events, training events and client appreciation events.


Contact Info:


Tel: 416-606-3151




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